Malviya Heritage Complex

Malviya Bhawan (Nucleus of the Malviya Heritage Complex)

This complex shall be a National and International centre for grappling with issues and problems, challenges and perspectives, horizons and heights for the new millennium. It shall be a forum for focussing upon the rich cultural heritage of India and the entire humanity and transmit message for the peaceful development of mankind on the basic principles of Truth and Non-Violence. The message of our ancient thinkers, saints and seers, and particularly Mahatma Gandhi in the 20th Century, who inspired freedom fighters of India and all over the world has to be extended to all the frontiers of the world which is facing the danger of complete and partial annihilation from nuclear holocaust on the one hand and technological and scientific disaster on the other. The Malaviya Complex and its all encompassing activities shall serve as a Centre of Light to encourage stewards of the Banaras Hindu University and provide constantly innovative thoughts and ideas to inspire the entire community to aspire to reach heights of learning, human resource development that makes a better being.

The objectives of the Complex are as follows:
  1. To preserve, promote and develop the cultural ethos of ancient thought based on the concept of the universal brotherhood (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) as cherished by Mahamana Malaviya ji.
  2. To organize lectures, seminars and workshop etc. in order to inculcate the values of sacrifice and service among the students, teachers and the people of India.
  3. To organize all the Memorial Lectures of the University under the auspices of the Complex.
  4. To set up a Study Centre within the ambit of the complex with the following programmes:
  5. (a) to study and survey the problems of the Dalits and oppressed to create social and academic awareness. (b) to collect and publish research material in relation to Malaviya ji and important persons contributing to Malaviya ji's ideas.

  6. To establish different Chapters of Malaviya Heritage in all the large cities in India and abroad through our alumni to enable them to spread the message of Malaviyaji.
  7. To perform in relation to the Heritage Complex all such functions and all such acts as may be necessary for the proper carrying out of the aims and objectives. In order to project Malaviyaji, the guiding spirit through the Mahamana Heritage Complex, it is necessary to enumerate the restructuring, academic activities, ethos etc. of the entire complex viz. Malaviya Bhavan, Gandhi Bhavan, Tagore Bhavan and Dr. Annie Besant Bhavan. The schedule of activities in a calendar year to be formulated by the Governing Council which will contribute to the grand scheme of education as visualized by Mahamana to promote educational reconstruction for the development of the nation in the social, economic and moral spheres.