Swayam Bhu

May 3rd 2018

A Brief Report on SWAYAM Implementation in Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has designed and initiated a proper plan to implement SWAYAM in the University. BHU being a large and multidisciplinary University with wide heterogeneity in academic programs, it is necessary to follow a planned approach for implementation of SWAYAM. BHU has courses in Medicine, Ayurveda, Dental Science, Fine and Performing Arts, Agricultural Science, Veterinary Science, Management, Science, Social Science, Arts and Humanities etc. At the moment SWAYAM courses are not available in all the areas. BHU is, however, committed to full-scale implementation of SWAYAM in different academic programs.

BHU has taken following major steps for implementation of SWAYAM:
  1. An Apex Advisory Committee, chaired by the Vice Chancellor and comprising of Deans of all faculties, have been constituted for advising on different aspects of implementation of SWAYAM in BHU.
  2. An Executive Committee comprising of UGC SWAYAM Coordinator and one member from each of the faculties have been constituted to steer and coordinate the implementation of SWAYAM. This committee is also assigned the responsibility of spreading awareness about SWAYAM in the University. It is proposed that one Mentor from each of the 134 departments will be identified in due course for smooth implementation of SWAYAM courses.
  3. A meeting of the Apex Committee was held in April 2018 and relevant resolutions were adopted. It was resolved that Directors/ Deans of Faculties will take necessary steps for organizing Board of Studies meetings for all departments/ courses in their institute/ faculty and make enabling provision for incorporating SWAYAM courses in course structure of all the programs, initially at PG level. Each program can have a provision of up to a maximum of 20% of the total credits in it, to be assigned to courses from SWAYAM. Subsequently these enabling provisions may be endorsed by Faculty Boards, Academic Council etc. It was decided that this process should be completed before commencement of next academic session.
  4. A need was felt to organize workshops for spreading awareness about SWAYAM in the University at various levels. It was agreed that first such workshop at University level will be held in May 2018.
  5. All Directors/ Deans of faculties were also requested to take necessary steps for installation of SWAYAMPRANHA DTH and Television at a suitable place so that students can view the educational content on different SWAYAMPRABHA channels.
  6. A WhatsApp Group of Faculty-level SWAYAM coordinators is already made functional. Information about SWAYAM has also been disseminated through official Twitter handle of the University. A Facebook page on SWAYAM in BHU is also proposed.
  7. A webpage containing all relevant information about SWAYAM is being uploaded on the BHU website.
  8. All Directors/ Deans of Faculties have been notified about the list of courses available from July 2018 on SWAYAM, as per communication from UGC.
  9. It is expected that provisions will be made to include at least one SWAYAM course in each academic program, wherever possible, from July 2018 semester.
(Prof. Vivek Kumar Singh)

UGC SWAYAM Coordinator