BHU hosts World Congress of Ayurveda 2019


To celebrate Ayurveda and stress on the need of integrative medicine, World Congress of Ayurveda (WCABHU-2019) kick started on March 14, 2019 by the Faculty of Ayurveda, Indian Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. Besides, Ayushman Expo and Health Mela are also being organized in the premises. The entire event is being held under the guidance of Prof Yamini Bhusan Tripathi, Dean, Faculty of Ayurveda, Banaras Hindu University (BHU).

WCABHU-2019 was inaugurated by Prof Rakesh Bhatnagar, Vice Chancellor, BHU and Padma Bhushan Vaidya Devendra Triguna, President, All India Ayurvedic Congress. Vaidya KS Dhiman, Director General, CCRAS and Dr Dilip Govindrao Mhaisekara were the guest of

Talking about WCA, Prof Tripathi said, “World Congress of Ayurveda is close to my heart. Second World Congress of Ayurveda was held in Kashi Vishwavidyalaya in 1987 while Italy hosted the first edition of World Congress of Ayurveda in 1985. Many people from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) participated historic in World Congress of Ayurveda, Italy. My father was also present there.”

“The logo of WCA signifies the integration of science and allopathy. Today, everyone is talking about integration. WCA is an excellent platform to promote integrative medicine.”

The scientific sessions and panel discussions on topic like advance methods of innovation in Ayurveda are, act and practices, role of Ayushman Bharat in Ayurveda, changes in Ayurveda education, and quality and role of computer based subjects in Ayurveda will be held during the three days.

The event has been witnessing unbelievable footfall while delegates from more than 30 countries have marked their presence including United States, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Nepal, Sri Lanka and others.

The three day event ended on March 16, 2019.